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World Political Map (Advanced) on a Roller

Bright colors and bold print make this world political map a winner!  A great world wall map that is mounted on a roller and pulls down - ideal for classroom use!
  • Measures 64" x 54"
  • Mercator Projection  
  • Mounted on a pull down roller
  • Easy to read and up-to-date country boundaries
  • Cities and capitals
  • Country flags on the bottom border

    Each Map comes Ready to Hang; complete with a Backerboard that can be attached directly to the wall using the 2 Button Narrow Board Bracket

    These Classic Classroom Pull Down Wall Maps can also be combined to have multiple maps on one Backerboard / Roll.

    We encourage you to contact us via phone or email to better explain the options that are available!

    Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
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    UNDWORLDBB 64" x 54$239.00Out of stock
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