Colorado Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme

Colorado Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme

This atlas of Colorado is a great resource with roads, towns, counties and contour lines. The accompanying gazetteer is an extensive and thorough list providing helpful information such as camping locations, scenic attractions, unique natural features, bike rides, hiking, boat launches, historic sites, museums, attractions and more. Each noted feature is cross-referenced on the map pages with easy to spot bold symbols making the location of the desired feature very easy to find.

The COLORADO State atlas is done at a scale of 1:160,000  for the western part of the state, which equates to 1" = 2.5 miles. The topographic contour interval is 300 Feet.  The eastern part of the state is done at the scale of 1:320,000 or 1" = 5 miles with a 600 foot contour interval. There are 90 map pages, and 104 total pages in this informative recreation atlas.

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