Olympic Mountains Hiking Maps by Green Trails - Choose from the List

Olympic Peninsula Green Trail maps are easy to use hiking maps that have topographical information, backroads, trails, campsites, information about winter recreation, and more. Green Trails maps show hiking trails clearly marked in green, with trail distances also listed.

Most maps are at a scale of 1:69,500. Those not at that scale are more detailed.

Don't overlook the special Green Trails titles: Seven Lakes Basin / Mt Olympus Climbing (#133S), Hurricane Ridge / Elwha North (#134S) and Olympic Mountains East (#168S) that are outlined in blue

Available in paper or laminated versions. The laminate is thin so it is easily foldable. Some titles are printed on waterproof paper so we don't offer them laminated.

Most maps will ship folded.

Item NumberMap Title / Paper or LaminatedPriceQty.
GRE98S Cape Flattery / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE98S-lam Cape Flattery / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE101 Lake Crescent / Paper$8.00Out of Print - No Longer Available
GRE101-lam Lake Crescent / Laminated$12.00Out of Print - No Longer Available
GRE102 Joyce / Paper$8.00Out of Print - no longer available
GRE102-lam Joyce / Laminated$12.00Out of Print - no longer available
GRE103 Port Angeles / Paper$8.00Out of Print - No Longer Available
GRE103-lam Port Angeles / Laminated$12.00Out of Print - No Longer Available
GRE130S Ozette / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE130S-lam Ozette / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE133 Mt Tom / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE133-lam Mt Tom / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE133S Seven Lakes Basin Special Series / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRE134 Mt Olympus / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE134-lam Mt Olympus / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE134S Hurricane Ridge Special Series / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRE135 Mt Angeles / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE135-lam Mt Angeles / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE136 Tyler Peak / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE136-lam Tyler Peak / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE163S La Push / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE163S-lam La Push / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE165 Kloochman Rock / Paper$8.00Out of stock
GRE165-lam Kloochman Rock / Laminated$12.00Out of stock
GRE166 Mt Christie / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE166-lam Mt Christie / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE167 Mt Steel / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE167-lam Mt Steel / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE168 The Brothers / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE168-lam The Brothers / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE168SX Olympic Mtns East / Waterproof Paper$18.00Buy Now

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