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Western Europe Road & Railways Map

Western Europe Road & Railways Map

This map created by ITM may only focus on the Western Half of Europe, but that means you'll get a much better scale than having the whole continent!

Showing all the railway lines and major roads is not an easy feat, but they have somehow managed it very well.

On this map of West Europe, Side 1 will cover the British Isles and the Low Countires. Germany, Denmark, Czechia and most of Poland. We can't forget the southern part of Scandinavia.

The reverse side will cover the Iberian Peninsula, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary and the southern portion of Germany. 

While this map may not have as many tourist sites as a typical country map would, they do a wonderful job of highlighting the UNESCO World Heritage sites, major churches, ferry lines / routes and international airports. 

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