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Mitchell Geography Maps (US States)

Mitchell Geography Maps (US States)

Paul Mitchell (Nope, not the Hairstylist!) has created unique and intriguing maps showcasing states such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and of course... Washington!
We have quite a few Washington maps, so they're a little special and get their own category. Check them out here!

His maps highlight and focus on certain aspects including Breweries, Rivers, Wildernesses, Snowdepth, Glaciers / Mountain Ranges and Geology. 
He's even made maps of slightly more obscure places such as Fidalgo Island, Flathead Lake, The Sawtooth Mountains and Vashon Island.

Each map is printed onto glossy, card stock and measures approximately 13" x 19".  

Item NumberState / Title PriceQty.
PMGAKIP01 Inside Passage (Southern)$25.95Buy Now
PMGAKER01 Ecological Regions$25.95Buy Now
PMGAKRN01 Rivers of Alaska$25.95Buy Now
PMGCAJM01 John Muir's California$25.95Buy Now
PMGCALT01 Lake Tahoe$25.95Buy Now
PMGCARN01 Rivers of California$25.95Buy Now
PMGCAWG01 California Wilderness$25.95Buy Now
PMGCOSJ01 San Juan Mountains$25.95Buy Now
PMGCOSJ02 Telluride - San Juan Mtns$25.95Buy Now
PMGCOGP01 Geology of Colorado$25.95Buy Now
PMGCORN01 Rivers of Colorado$25.95Buy Now
PMGCOSD01 Colorado Snowdepth$25.95Buy Now
PMGCOWG01 Colorado Wilderness$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDLC01 Lake Coeur d'Alene$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDLP01 Lake Pend Oreille$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDMF01 Middle Fork Salmon River$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDPS01 Selkirk Range$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDSW01 Sawtooth Mountains$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDWC01 White Cloud Range$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDWC02 Wildhorse Canyon$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDBR01 Breweries of Idaho$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDGP01 Geology of Idaho$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDRN01 Rivers of Idaho$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDSD01 Idaho Snowdepth$25.95Buy Now
PMGIDWG01 Idaho Wilderness$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTBZ01 Bozeman$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTBR02 Bridger Range$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTFL01 Flathead Lake$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTWL01 Whitefish Lake$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTBR01 Breweries of Montana$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTGP01 Geology of Montana$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTRN01 Rivers of Montana$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTSD01 Montana Snowdepth$25.95Buy Now
PMGMTWG01 Montana Wilderness$25.95Buy Now
PMGORPO03 Portland$25.95Buy Now
PMGORMH01 Glaciers of Mt Hood$25.95Buy Now
PMGORMH02 Slope Aspect of Mt Hood$25.95Buy Now
PMGORSM01 Steens Mountain$25.95Buy Now
PMGORWM01 Wallowa Mountains$25.95Buy Now
PMGORGP01 Geology of Oregon$25.95Buy Now
PMGORRN01 Rivers of Oregon$25.95Buy Now
PMGORSD01 Oregon Snowdepth$25.95Out of stock
PMGORWG01 Oregon Wilderness$25.95Buy Now
PMGUTLB01 Lake Bonneville$25.95Buy Now
PMGUTZC01 Zion Canyon$25.95Buy Now
PMGUTGP01 Geology of Utah$25.95Buy Now
PMGUTSD01 Utah Snowdepth$25.95Buy Now
PMGUTWL02 Utah Wildlands$25.95Buy Now
PMGWYCG01 Cathedral Group$25.95Buy Now
PMGWYMM01 Mount Moran$25.95Buy Now
PMGWYTC01 Teton Crest$25.95Buy Now

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