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Mini Flags M - Z - Choose from the List

Macedonia to Zambia Country Flags

These miniature country flags measure 6" wide by 4" tall and are on a stick for a total height of 10"...great for a desk flag!


** Please Note: If you would like a flag that you don't see on our list, please send us an email at sales@metskers.com or give us a call at 1-800-727-4430.

Optional bases:
1, 2, 3 and 5 hole bases are black plastic
24 hole base is wood. Approx 30 inches long.

Item NumberCountryPriceQty.
HOFMACMINI Macedonia$4.99Buy Now
HOFMADMINI Madagascar$4.99Buy Now
HOFMALMWMINI Malawi$4.99Buy Now
HOFMAYAYMINI Malaysia$4.99Buy Now
HOFMALDMINI Maldives$4.99Buy Now
HOFMANIMINI Mali$4.99Buy Now
HOFMALTMINI Malta$4.99Buy Now
HOFMAURAMINI Mauritania$4.99Buy Now
HOFMEXMINI Mexico$4.99Buy Now
HOFMICMINI Micronesia$4.99Buy Now
HOFMOLMINI Moldova$4.99Buy Now
HOFMONAMINI Monaco$4.99Buy Now
HOFMONGMINI Mongolia$4.99Buy Now
HOFMONTMINI Montenegro$4.99Buy Now
HOFMORMINI Morocco$4.99Buy Now
HOFMOZMINI Mozambique$4.99Buy Now
HOFMYAMINI Myanmar/Burma$4.99Buy Now
HOFNAMMINI Namibia$4.99Buy Now
HOFNEPMINI Nepal$4.99Buy Now
HOFNETMINI Netherlands$4.99Buy Now
HOFNEWMINI New Zealand$4.99Buy Now
HOFNICMINI Nicaragua$4.99Buy Now
HOFNIGRMINI Niger$4.99Buy Now
HOFNIGAMINI Nigeria$4.99Buy Now
HOFNOKMINI North Korea$4.99Buy Now
HOFNORMINI Norway$4.99Buy Now
HOFOMAMINI Oman$4.99Buy Now
HOFPAKMINI Pakistan$4.99Buy Now
HOFPALAUMINI Palau$4.99Buy Now
HOFPALEMINI Palestine$4.99Buy Now
HOFPANMINI Panama$4.99Buy Now
HOFPAPMINI Papua New Guinea$4.99Buy Now
HOFPARMINI Paraguay$4.99Buy Now
HOFPERMINI Peru$4.99Buy Now
HOFPHIMINI Philippines$4.99Buy Now
HOFPOLMINI Poland$4.99Buy Now
HOFPOLEAGLEMINI Poland, with Eagle$4.99Buy Now
HOFPORMINI Portugal$4.99Buy Now
HOFQATMINI Qatar$4.99Buy Now
HOFROMINI Romania$4.99Buy Now
HOFRUSMINI Russia$4.99Buy Now
HOFRWAMINI Rwanda$4.99Buy Now
HOFSANMINI San Marino$4.99Buy Now
HOFSAOMINI Sao Tome$4.99Buy Now
HOFSAUMINI Saudi Arabia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSCOAMINI Scotland, St. Andrews Cross$4.99Buy Now
HOFSCORMINI Scotland, Rampant Lion$4.99Buy Now
HOFSENMINI Senegal$4.99Buy Now
HOFSERMINI Serbia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSEYMINI Seychelles$4.99Buy Now
HOFSIEMINI Sierra Leone$4.99Buy Now
HOFSINMINI Singapore$4.99Buy Now
HOFSLOVEMINI Slovenia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSLOVAMINI Slovakia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSOLMINI Solomon Islands$4.99Buy Now
HOFSOMMINI Somalia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSOUAFMINI South Africa$4.99Buy Now
HOFSOUKMINI South Korea$4.99Buy Now
HOFSSOUSUMINI South Sudan$4.99Buy Now
HOFSPAMINI Spain$4.99Buy Now
HOFSRIMINI Sri Lanka$4.99Buy Now
HOFSTKMINI St Kitts & Nevis$4.99Buy Now
HOFSTLMINI St Lucia$4.99Buy Now
HOFSTVMINI St Vincent & Grenadines$4.99Buy Now
HOFSUDMINI Sudan$4.99Buy Now
HOFSURMINI Suriname$4.99Buy Now
HOFSWAMINI Swaziland$4.99Buy Now
HOFSWEMINI Sweden$4.99Buy Now
HOFSWIMINI Switzerland$4.99Buy Now
HOFSYRMINI Syria$4.99Buy Now
HOFTAIMINI Taiwan$4.99Buy Now
HOFTAJMINI Tajikistan$4.99Buy Now
HOFTANMINI Tanzania$4.99Buy Now
HOFTHAMINI Thailand$4.99Buy Now
HOFTIBMINI Tibet$4.99Buy Now
HOFTOGMINI Togo$4.99Buy Now
HOFTRIMINI Trinidad & Tobago$4.99Buy Now
HOFTUNMINI Tunisia$4.99Buy Now
HOFTURKEYMINI Turkey$4.99Buy Now
HOFTURKMMINI Turkmenistan$4.99Buy Now
HOFUGAMINI Uganda$4.99Buy Now
HOFUKRMINI Ukraine$4.99Out of stock
HOFUAEMINI United Arab Emirates$4.99Buy Now
HOFUNKMINI United Kingdom$4.99Buy Now
HOFUNMINI United Nations$4.99Buy Now
HOFUSAMINI United States$4.99Buy Now
HOFURUMINI Uruguay$4.99Buy Now
HOFUZBMINI Uzbekistan$4.99Buy Now
HOFVATMINI Vatican City$4.99Buy Now
HOFVENMINI Venezuela$4.99Buy Now
HOFVIEMINI Vietnam$4.99Buy Now
HOFWALMINI Wales$4.99Buy Now
HOFYEMMINI Yemen$4.99Buy Now
HOFZAMMINI Zambia$4.99Buy Now
HOFZIMINI Zimbabwe$4.99Buy Now
HOFBASE1P- 1 Hole Base$1.99Buy Now
HOFBASE2P- 2 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE3P- 3 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE5P- 5 Hole Base$3.99Buy Now
HOFBASE24W- 24 Hole Base$18.50Not available at this time.

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