Plotted: A Literary Atlas by Andrew DeGraff

Plotted: A Literary Atlas by Andrew DeGraff

“Plotted: A Literary Atlas” contains maps of 19 classical works of literature that seemed to be chosen for what each reveals about humankind during the era in which it was written.

Lovers of Books and Fictional Worlds from Moby Dick to Hamlet to Watership Down will find a treasure trove here.

So will lovers of visual art and hand made illustrations in particular. Richly painted maps based on noteworthy novels or plays bring the reader's world to life, while short but insightful essays on the map/print in question make this more than just a pretty picture book, but an imaginative voyage.

8" x 11"
128 Pages/ Hardcover
Author(s): Andrew DeGraff
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-9781936976867 $24.99No Longer Available

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