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Okinawa & The Ryukyu Islands Travel Map l Periplus


The Okinawa Travel Map by Periplus is tailored for travelers seeking convenience and practicality.

Crafted from sturdy coated paper, it effortlessly unfolds multiple times, making it easy for navigation of the entire map or specific sections.

From main highways to scenic byways, this map directs you to various attractions, including banks, tranquil gardens, comfortable hotels, picturesque golf courses, enriching museums, historical monuments, diverse dining options, serene churches and temples, vibrant movie theaters, bustling shopping centers, and much more.

Whether exploring the historic sites of Shuri Castle or the natural beauty of Kabira Bay, the Okinawa Travel Map ensures a seamless and enriching journey.

Periplus Travel Maps encompass a wide array of prominent cities and sought-after destinations across the Asia-Pacific region.

From the diverse landscapes of India to the dynamic cityscape of Singapore, and from the cosmopolitan vibes of Sydney to the enchanting allure of Bali, the series offers an impressive variety of captivating locales. With its expansive coverage and attention to detail, Periplus Travel Maps stand as the preferred option for travelers exploring the area.

Okinawa is an incredibly diverse area - so to make this map more readable - it has been split up into various map insets:

Regional / Area Inset Maps:

  • Okinawa & The Southwest Islands 1:1,750,000

  • Okinawa-honto 1:200,000

  • Yakushima 1:200,000

  • Yaeyama Islands 1:350,000

  • Amami Oshima 1:400,000

  • Miyako Islands 1:275,000

City Inset Maps:

  • Southern Okinawa 1:60,000

  • Motobu Peninsula 1:60,000

  • Naha, Kagoshima 1:20,000

  • Ishigaki City 1:20,000

  • Miyako City/Hirara 1:20,000

  • Amami Town/Naze 1:20,000

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Okinawa & The Ryukyu Islands Travel Map l Periplus
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