Frequently Asked Questions at Metsker Maps of Seattle

Location, Directions & Parking HelpWhere is Metsker Maps? Is Metsker Maps really "in" the Pike Place Market? Where is the best place to park?
Types of MapsWhat's the difference between political and physical on a map? Does Metsker Maps sell any International travel maps? Does Metsker Maps carry those "bumpy" maps? Does Metsker Maps carry hiking maps or topographical maps? Does Metsker Maps sell antique maps? What is the largest map you have? What is the most unique map you have?
Framing or Displaying MapsDoes Metsker Maps offer framing services? Should I use foamcore or frame my map/poster? What is Plak Mounting? How do I mark on a map where I have traveled?
Custom MapsDoes Metsker Maps offer any custom mapping solutions?

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