Framed Maps

While we don't do "traditional" framing here at Metskers, we offer a service called Plak Mounting. 
Plak Mounting is a process in which we take a paper map and have it mounted onto
a trimmed to size piece of wood and seal it with a non-glare, matte finish with a black beveled edge.
Virtually every map we stock in store can be plak mounted, but we do also offer this service for your own prints as well!
(regarding your own prints - we always caution that if they're damaged in the process, we're unable to replace them.)

Most of plak mounted maps are pre-made onto a black finish (see our example above), we do also have different colors options available. 
This option is only available to those who come into our store. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Another Framed Map we offer are 3D Nautical Woodcharts.
These laser cut charts crafted from layered birch wood show the depths of water for numerous bodies of water around the World.
Each Woodchart comes framed and ready to hang on any wall!
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